Welcome to Inspire and Change Hypnotherapy

Welcome to Inspire and Change Hypnotherapy where I believe that changing how you think can change your life for good.

I use the latest techniques in Clinical Hypnotherapy to help my clients achieve the change they want. Whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, overcome fears, improve confidence, relieve pain or work on any other area of your life, hypnotherapy can help.

My clients have the following to say:

Having been a smoker for 25 years, I have always found it really hard whenever I have previously given up. This time has been easy – and with no patches or nicotine replacement. Elizabeth is a very professional person and I would not hesitate in recommending her services. Thank you Elizabeth.”
Mrs S – non smoker

I know it sounds corny to say that Hypnotherapy changed my life, but it really did. I came to Elizabeth with major anxiety problems, suffering daily panic attacks. The tiniest thing could make me panic, yet there didn’t seem any pattern to it. Elizabeth quickly helped me find the root causes of my anxiety and gave me great tools to use whenever I started to feel anxious. Even now a year later whenever the anxiety is starting to build I can still hear her calm voice in my ear saying ‘relax’, and I do!”
Mr D – Maidenhead

I am a holistic and spiritual therapist. As a therapist I am continually working on self growth and know the importance of clearing a problem from the root.   With Elizabeth’s guidance and through hypnotherapy Elizabeth has successfully helped me work through several issues, releasing the conditioning around the issues that had occurred.  I found her to be very professional, yet sympathetic and making me feel at ease. I would highly recommend Elizabeth for hypnotherapy, whether it is just for relaxation or any other issues or fears that you may be facing.”
Mrs M – Maidenhead

Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and relaxing therapy which is suitable for almost everyone. My aim at Inspire and Change Hypnotherapy is to provide my clients with a totally professional and confidential range of treatments, customised to their individual needs. The therapy is conducted in a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring my clients have an overall positive experience with respect being at the heart of all my work.

Discussing your situation and requirements with me will cost you nothing, so feel free to contact me.

Inspired? Want to make that change? Why not call on 01628 829287 or email info@inspireandchange.com