Protect our children’s mental health

As an advocate of children’s mental health, I was sad to see today’s headline that once again children’s mental health services are being cut.

Mental health is such a soft target for cuts as it is a hidden malaise that cannot generate the¬†sensationalist headlines of injured and bleeding patients waiting in A&E. But by ignoring our children’s emotional well being we are simply setting them up for problems further down the line.

The link between mental and physical health is being recognised more and more by today’s forward thinking medical care providers. Why then is it ok to cut these services that cater for some of our most vulnerable members of society – our children and teens? In a time where the pressures on our children are far greater than they ever have been and the frantic pace of life makes it difficult to cope with any problem, should we not be investing in ensuring our children are emotionally strong and equipped to handle the 21st century?