Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy

Most people find losing weight quite easy, but maintaining that weight loss much more difficult. Often diets and other weight loss programs leave you feeling hungry and deprived, so that over time you return to your old eating habits and the weight starts creeping back on. This pendulum of dieting, weight loss, stop dieting, and weight gain leaves you feeling disappointed and frustrated.

People often have a complex relationship with food: using food to reward themselves, eating as a way to entertain themselves, snacking when bored. These relationships have been built up from childhood where you were rewarded with a biscuit for being good or playing quietly or were allowed to have a dessert if you finished everything on your plate at dinner time. Many special occasions are focused around food – Christmas dinner, Birthday parties with tables laden with treats, a trip to the cinema which is just not the same without a big bag of popcorn. All of these experiences during your childhood combine to form how you feel about food as an adult.

Hypnosis recognises this complex relationship and takes a very different approach to weight loss. By treating you holistically and identifying the psychological reasons behind your weight problem, hypnosis changes your relationship with food. You will find yourself naturally eating less, eating more healthily and wanting to exercise more. Losing weight will be more effortless than you ever thought possible as you start to automatically make better food choices.

At Inspire and Change we will ensure an immediate behavioural change takes place alongside a healthy, gradual weight loss.