Sleep problems?

If you struggle with sleep deprivation and feel exhausted most days as a result, hypnotherapy might be the solution for you. I am currently treating three clients for this issue. The therapy used is adapted for each individual, as the type of sleep problem and reasons behind it will differ for each person.

Some people struggle to get to sleep as their mind is spinning with a thousand thoughts; others fall asleep easily but wake up five or six times in the night.

Although there are many reasons behind sleep problems, the most common ones are stress, anxiety and hormone imbalances such as the menopause triggers. Often one of the most difficult issues to overcome is the vicious cycle that you start in your mind, that because you haven’t been able to sleep before, you won’t be able to sleep tonight. This ends up being a self fulfilling prophecy and so on the cycle goes.

Using a combination of relaxation, visualisation, self hypnosis and behavioural change therapy, you can overcome these sleep problems without resorting to medication.

The NHS are now recognising the benefits of hypnotherapy as an alternative to medicating.