What to expect at your Hypnosis Session

At your first session, expect to spend between 1.5 and 2 hours with your therapist. Sometimes this first session can take longer, but there will be no additional charge should this be the case. Elizabeth will take you through a confidentiality agreement, which ensures that everything you discuss during your sessions, will remain confidential. You will then go through a set of questions relating to the area you are seeking help with. By providing your therapist with this background information, the therapist can tailor their hypnotic suggestions to both your personality and your key issues. If you have ever experienced cold, clinical professionals in the past, you will be pleased to find Elizabeth to be a warm and compassionate person who will put you at your ease from the very beginning.

Your therapist will then take time to explain the nature of hypnosis and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You will then be gently guided into a trance like state. This will be a soothing and enjoyable experience where you will be able to let your mind wander and relax. You will be awake throughout the session and able to hear everything Elizabeth says. You will be able to choose whether to accept or reject the suggestions Elizabeth offers you.

Depending on the area you are seeking help with; your therapist may suggest additional sessions. Some issues you will be surprised to find out, can be resolved in one session – such as stopping smoking. Other issues, such as anxiety and sleep disorders may require reinforcement sessions or an opportunity to delve deeper to find the root of a problem. It is my experience that most people find 1-3 sessions are enough to achieve their life changing transformations.

After your session, Elizabeth will follow up by email, telephone or text, to ensure you are progressing well and to offer further guidance and support.